I've always told myself throughout playing poker ' You make these mistakes in order to learn from them'. None more truer that what occured my first $1 90-man Sit-N-Go only a few minuets ago.

At the final table with 6 players left - I was lucky to make it this far; a few lucky hands here and there helped me a great deal - and low and behold, pockets Kings fall on my lap. The first player folded and action came to me. With blinds at 800/1600 I raised 3x the BB. Fold. Then a shove all in from the next two opponents. Action came back to me after the others folded. One of these players was second in chips whilst the other was severly short stacked. I had a decision. Do I risk my tournament and potentially have $35000 of chips in front of me - taking me to 2nd in chips - or be ultra-shrewd and fold?

As you've probably guessed, I made the dumbest decision ever and folded. Both players showed their cards; A-3 and 7-7. My heart sank even further when it turned out that my Kings would've held. I was fortunate later on when I shoved and managed to double up but still, I can't help be give myself an almighty kick up the arse for folding, all because I valued going up the money ladder more than increasing my stack. Plus, the guy who won the pot ended up winning the whole Sit-N-Go whilst I finished 6th.

I'm very pleased that I managed to place so well in my first 90-man S-N-G, but still feel an idiot for making this mistake. Then again . . . you make these mistakes in order to learn from them; and I will not make the same mistakes again.