Starting this as a personal log, so it may contain rants about poker, fitness, mental state, personal development, and what is going on in my daily life.

Today I am planning on accomplishing a few goals, so hopefully this will help keep me accountable.

- finish presentation slideshow; and then record presentation

- Call and book two important appointments that I have been putting off.

- Get to the gym in the morning (on my way shortly)

- Play at least 3 sessions with a daily target of 5k hands

- Get some cooking done for the rest of the week (prepacked)


I have been pulling myself in a lot of directions lately, so I am really trying to pull back and bring my focus to just a few goals.

-"The common person trys to do much, but leaves even more yet to be done. The master does nothing but leaves nothing undone." adaptation from the Tao Te Ching.