I like poker! You too? So how is going?.. Good!? You must be lucky, but most likely you are talented. Tell me, do you work a lot to get where you are? So... I am not that good, but I like poker very much and that became too pricey recently...  But.. I want to play for money and with money...

                                                                     So welcome to my ZERO poker!!!
Goals and challeges :arrow: Decided to play 100K depositors freerolls. To do that I need to deposit at least £7. I will not use my deposit to play poker and eventually withdraw it. So I am allowed to play 100K free-roll for the whole month, every day, four times a day. Playing mainly these free-rolls currently I collected $7.64 in my real money account. I will try to participate in every single one I can.
 One more challenge is PSO's Open Skill League. As this is free-roll it doesn't cost me anything, but I  still can win BIG money. This month I played 4 times and I am rnked 1031st currently and if at the end of the month I would fit to the crowd of 2000 people who gets hands on money I would be over the moon! This will get me $2.50.

 My goal (for now) is to get $15 by the start of September.

In the future I am looking to participate anywhere where I can get FREE money :-D