Hello again, after a long day at work, finally home. Thought i'd post a recurring theme, at least when I play....

If you guys who are reading this have played against me, I'm sure you've noticed my many flaws, my abilities, my jokes, and most of all my opinions. I am kind of outspoken, but I see things from just about everyones perspective. I can take just as well as give it, and I would rather make everyone laugh then everyone yell and scream. I like to think of myself as a funny guy, who wants to make everyone I meet laugh or smile, and generally feel good...

The reason I bring it up is because during one of my tournies last night, I went all in following an all in of a smaller stack, kind of hoping to isolate him, kind of cause i was reeeeeeeeally tired, and honestly I wanted out (defeats the purpose of "points" but if me flopping helps someoone get 1500 bucks, so be it). I caught (notice I said caught, not made...big difference, at least to me) a flush draw, made it on the turn, and the guy I knocked out went ballistic.. calling me donkey and moron and idiot, basically every poker-based insult you could throw at someone.

I don't have a problem with him being mad, I don't. I'll let anyone vent a bit when they are mad, but when you start berating me, and in turn, someone else who took most of your money, I will interject and you will usually not like what I have to say. I have a real big problem with ANYONE calling me stupid or dumb, or any variation thereof.

People always forget that poker is GAMBLING. Stop thinking there's a rational reason to go about playing it. Learn the rules, and some of the ettiquette, but after that, fugg it, play how you want. There's no right way or wrong way to play cards for god's sake... what's the point of poker? To win. That's it. If I can make money playing 2-7 offsuit in the early position, dammit I'm going to. Is it smart? By poker standards, no, but it is gambling. GAMBLING. CHANCE.

Tell the know it alls to kiss it, then take their money by playing bad cards. If it wins, there ain't no such thing.... Remember... people can, and will, playing any hand, at any time, for any price.