Hello, everyone... Been noticing I have a few viewers of this blog, so I thought I'd indulge you guys a bit more. (Man, Im such an ego maniac. lol)

Here's whats been going on with me lately. I am actually PLAYING much better, but not getting to where I need to be points/pennies wise. You know why? You know how there's that adage "get your chips into the center as soon as you can, when you think you have the best hand"? Well, taking that to heart, thats what I've done, and I CONTINUALLY get beaten, by someone drawing to a better hand.

I have had sets broken up by flushes and rivered straights, 2 pair busted by a a miracle trip on the river or turn, a straight on the river. I know its part of poker... but a constant part of poker??? I didn't think I sucked that bad. hahaha

 I have pointed out some flaws with my fellow PSO'er's in  he rooms, and hopefully Ill hear from some of you  guys to where we can get these implemented. Here's my ideas....

1. Animate the "burn and turn" (the card that gets discarded before the flop, turn and river). Its very disconcerting that we don't get to see this. My dad used to say, "If you don't see them do it, how do you know that they did it?" This one is mainly just me. If they can have it animated on Myspace's poker (Zynga) software, you can get the billionaires at PokerStars to have it too. Its lazy, and honestly, I dont trust it. Would you trust a dealer at a casino you couldnt see his/her hands toss the cards to you? Or see the discarded cards next to their hands? Ummmmmm.......noooooo you wouldn't.

2. Display odds on all ins. At least PSO games. If its supposed to be a school, why not show us odds? I know AA versus KK is 80-20, but thats because I remembered it from watching WSOP broadcast on ESPN. Might end up shutting some of the poker Dick Vitale's up when they say, duuuuuuude what you plat thay that for..."

3. Why can't we have the other games too? Add an 8 game or a HORSE tourney, like on off hours... just a thought...

Whats been going on with me, and my ideas for adding and improving the experience. Any questions or thought feel free to respond. Thanks!