Whats funny, is that I love playing poker. Regardless of how many times I get sucked out, laughed at, miracle beats I either provide, or take (and lately its take) I wil always play...

Which leads me to something I've noticed lately, and its not about donks playing or sucking out on me... Its the overt play by play by the other "amateurs" in the PSO. I have a distinct belief, and always have had this belief, that if my fellow PSO'ers were actually any good.... they'd move up, other than run rampant on the same people (myself included) When the lure of an "easy" payday (1500 bucks is nothing to sneeze at, especially for playing a GAME) is simply too great, the challenge fades.

The play by play usually stems from something that goes against what we are taught in the coaching sessions, calling a reraise with Ace-Rag, or suited connectors, or just crap, and then winning and the loser saying "You shouldn't have been in the hand". Well, why the hell not?? Who cares? Whats funny, and I voiced this complaintin an earlier post, the PSO is creating robots. Raise this much, call here, fold here, pokcet pairs are worth this much, etc. You know what? ITS ALL CRAP. What no one actually pays attention to, is that in earlier rounds, of just about EVERY tournament, is that youhave to deal with some level of moronic play. Doesn't matter if its the PSO, or EPT or whatever. Especially if its online, and especially if you paid for it. Its discretionary income for most people. They dont give a damn if they win or lose, even when you get to 5, 8, 10 grand tournaments.

Play by play is fine, I try and laugh with as many people I play with as I can, but if you cross that line into thinking you know more than I do, or more than the guy next to you, I can guarantee you probably dont. Poker is a game of risk. To quote Denzel Washington, in Training Day.... "This is chess, not checkers" Its poker get over getting beat.