I am kind of tired of the rampant idiocy on here. Its a thing thats ruined the game, and internet poker is to blame, along with all these moronic talking heads on every poker telecast.

What I am talking about, is the blissful ignorance of everyone who plays that they think they know what theyre doing, or are following the rules, or the unwritten rules.. what have you. I get a tad irritated when  I sit in Fixed limit games where the first 3 rounds of players RAISE every time it gets passed to them, in No Limit games where after calling a raise there is no continuation bet, and it lets the moron who calls with 2 7 off catch his straight on the river. And these river catchers... forget about it. We all know how annoying it is when someone catches the river card... but when it happens more than twice, itll cause a meltdown, and destruction of personal property (Hopefully your own, mind you)

People of the PSO, I have your back, I am your sounding board...whats funny, is that with most sports, or activities, there are usually reasons or subsequent "excuses" for losing, baseball you didnt get a hit, football, you didnt make the first down in the 3rd quarter... in poker?? No such explanation... it wasn't lucky? My AA got beat by 5 6 off, after a 4,000 chip raise preflop? My straight gets busted by a flush on the river (this one happens to me A LOT)

What I've found is that the player who actually makes their straights and flushes, is the person who wins. Keep that little stat if you can. Number of each hand you manage to make, over the course of a tournament, keep track of high cards, single pair, two pair, 3 of a kinds, straights, flushes, boats, 4 of a kinds (which in the past month ive seen more quads than Ive seen in my whole life), straight flushes, and royals you get. and if you correlate those hands to finishing positions, I think you'd see a large number of straights and flushes. It would also help you keep track of what kind of stuff you play, how you play, etc.

Any feedback would be great.. feel free to message me on here...Deuces!