As far as I see it, I find the increased exposure to poker and poker players in general, a tad bit annoying. I don't mind this forum, or the opportunity ti play, but it seems to be a tad counterproductive, and I will explain my view (here again its opinion, just based on observation).

First of all, has anyone ever stopped to realize that poker, in and of itself, is a game of LUCK, not always of skill? Skill is involved, of course, but you never here about the most highly skilled player winning anything in poker... its always the one guy who has the BEST luck combined with his skill.

Having said that, I don't think its wise for all the coaching on this site. They teach us, you should do this then, you should raise this much, you should fold, you should call. You know what? If everyone who watched the training was playing together in a hand (which its conceivable), then they know exactly what's going on, and will know how to defense it. There should not, I repeat, SHOULD NOT be a set rule or guide for EVERYONE, which is what the majority of this site is based on. Any good coach (which I have watched Negreanu on TV, he is good) realizes you take what the player already has and you refine it. 

The majority of us who play on here I think are trying to imporive, or get as much experience playing as we can, and hope to be rewarded for it.  Don;t get me wrong Im not looking a gift horse in the mouth (I think the PSO is awesome), I just dont think the COACHING aspect is accurate.

Just an opinion, love some feedback