My poker goals 2016 ( and the last two weeks of December)

yearly goal
*improve my hand reading, so I am confident of reads in a live game.

*Visit ”local” casino 6 times to play live poker.

*Play the Sunday million.

I just had a quick look at the last six months results, I’m up in  MTT’s and Sit and goes and down in cash games. I suck at cash games. Although to be fair it might be truer to say I suck at bank role management.

*Improve bankroll management

this year I’m getting back into playing single table games, sit and goes, and MTT’s.
Starting bankroll of 100 buy ins for the dollar games ($110)

I intend to go back and watch videos on sit and goes and play several variants to see which I most come with.

*I will play 50 of each type starting with 50/50 stt's (110/30 is 3.6 so will drop down and start at the 3.50 level till i get to $210)

*each week I will post hands and all questions for discussion

100 buy ins games 180 entrants or more
40 buy ins 45 and 90 man games
30 buy ins under that.
I intend to play Home games and MM games that may be out of that range as well as sattliting into higher games.


Grade b