Hi all,

so have got my baseball schedule sorted out. So have decided which games I can play for MM XI

8 games out of 100

Date time event buy in format
17 ..11:30 ......11 ....$11 6 max NLHE
17 ..15:30 ......13 ....$3.30 stud
21 ..22:00 ......53 ...$3.30 prog
24 ..11:30 ......76 ....$2.20 NLHE
24 ..18:30 ......79 ....$3.30 badugi
24 ..22:00 ......80 ....$5.50 NLHE
25 ..12:00 ......86 ....$1.00 NLHE
25 ..18:30 ......89 ....$5.50 big O


so only 8 out of 100, and yes last year i would have played more 10 pm games and maybe skipped practice on the Sunday to fit in a few extra games.  But you know what that is just adding stress to my week and I'm not going to play well if i'm doing that.  Poker Stars runs two of these a year and if i can play half a dozen each time great if not another is coming in 6 months.

Really looking forward to the stud its a game i enjoy for sure.  woud have lke to play a few more mixed games but oh well.

so the NLHE I expect to be very loose at the start, so I plan to be patiant and pick my spots.  We tell our baseball players they should be moving on every pitch and should never be bored. What base will i throw to if it comes to me, do I need to cover a bag, or an overthrow.  Same with poker. is this player a tight or loose player, does that raise on turn fit bet size on flop.  what is there range of hands.

I figured to prepare for for thisMM I will watch some MTT vids from the archive here at PSO and look at the stats in my hud and decide which ones are important.  Other than that baseball games working in the yard oh and bike rides in the evening.

Good Luck all and remember if you not having fun your doing something wrong,


Grade b