Getting ready for micro millions 11

So I was excited micro millions  falls during my break, this means I should be up to play several games. Printed off the schedule and looked for it searching for,

• stud
• stud high low
• Razz
• 2-7 triple draw
• 2-7 single draw
• Badugi
• Mixed games

I was fairly pleased at first glance it seemed only razz was at the time zone I wouldn’t be able to play. So initially I flagged,

• Event 13 Stud
• event 21 PLO
• event 24 NLHE
• event 29 NLHE (3 stack)
• event 31 Stud H/L
• event 39 8-game
• event 49 Horse
• event 66 NLHE
• event 79 badugi
• event 86 NLHE

10 events like making for nice easy schedule and felt fairly good about it. Next thing to do check availability both of the kids play baseball so I’m bound to miss a couple of days. I want to only play those games that I could play to a final table. Here’s where I hit a huge snag. Both teams have practice on both Sundays. And we have games on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Help my son also has a Tournament that spans the middle Friday Saturday and Sunday This takes out a big chunk of games. No stud, eight-game, Horse or PLO . Now the biggest reason I wanted to play those games is because they attract a smaller field. You tend to get more serious players and less “shove monkeys”or worse than that tables full of calling stations.

Time to look again and practice playing a far tighter range.

Grade b