This was my actual first Team member Knockout in a PSO knockout bounty event.


.............and boy did I play it poorly


Yep got it all in bad with QQ when the effective stack size was 99 Bigs When The Langolier 5 bets what can he have there really. It was his first ever 5 bet as the intial raiser that I have hands for ( I looked at the hud after).

So that was a stage where I really needed to say How much to I like my range now....I had been playing fairly tight so Dave was probabilly sure I had a resonable hand, so what does he need to 5 betl. AA, KK or AK maybe just maybe the other 2 Queens, I think after reflection this was a call and fold to a shove on the flop (unless I luck out of course) 


So broke my duck but did not play the hand well in doing so, Sorry Dave.


Grade b