So it’s been an interesting week, just not for the challenge. I will not say I haven’t played any sit and go’s, I played three was bubble boy and one didn’t cash and the other two. However I have been doing something important towards the challenge.

1. Taking the kids to swimming lessons, and swimming in the bay, playing in the splash pad.

2. Coaching minor-league baseball, and cheering on my kids in the games.

3. Weeding the veggie patch.

4. Watching the Harry Potter series with the kids.


As you can see none of those four involve playing poker, I would not say I’m taking complete break, as I’m still playing in the 2014 poker school series of poker. However I am definitely enjoying the break and after next week hope to be back refreshed and in the swing, [however poker will be added to the end of the list, not at the top]

All best,

grade b