Well given that it was the last week of work I have not exactly blown it away volume wise.  In 5 days I have played 16 games that qualify for the challange.

4 x 2 cent 990 hyper turbos no cashes

1 x 10 cent 360 turbo I finished 11th won 51 cents

9 x 25 cent  45 normal speed 1 cash net of -56 cents

25 cents 90 normal speed 1 cash net of -4 cents

so in total I am 67 cents down


but I have draw teh following conclusions  ....

16 games is not statisically very acurate

I am out of practice in this format

I will search throgh the libary here at PSO and watch some of the 45/90 S&G videos this weekend before playing anymore, need to get out of taking thin edges early on in the games.


Grade b