Poker school online allows you to sell shares in your poker action. There are several things to consider before you do this.

1. Read the rules, to find out what is allowed or not allowed.!-Read-before-posting!

You will notice, the second post there is an example of a stake listing. You should also look through some other stakes on offer to find examples of good posts and bad posts. [personally I like how TheLangolier lays out his stakes and used his formats as a starting point for my 2 offers]

2. Ask yourself the following question;  Why are you selling some of your action? Knowing the answer to this question is very important. For example,, I have noticed I am more apt to play my A game if I know I'm being railed by people at PSO.  Therefore within the two stakes I often I sold off a small fraction [10%, 12%]. However if you are looking to be staked because you cannot afford the buyin you need to accept that it may be hard to sell yourself if you are unknown within the community. In this circumstance you need to consider what you will do if you do not sell all of the shares on offer.

3. How many shares are you offering, all you offering strictly a percentage of the winnings or are you offering stake back combined with percentage of the winnings. What markup if any are you setting in the price. Markup has become a quite controversial issue within the poker world and rather than get into it here I will just say you can search in Google and find a ton of information.

4. What games are you playing? Making sure you have a clear schedule is important for potential investors who may wish to watch some of your games or at the very least know what it is they're investing in. You need to make clear up the very start what will happen in the case you cannot play one of the listed games. For example, I always put the clause that I will do one of two things I will I either play a similar game, within the same series or the that buying will go back into the prize pool.

5. Updates are very important, you should let your investors know that you are starting a game and if possible how you are doing within that game and of course the result. At the end of your stake don't get to post a final statement including how much each investor will be receiving.

6. If you are thinking of running a big a stake, for example you wish 50% of 20 games of the micro millions and require $160 of investment , consider running a small stake before hand, as this will demonstrate your abilities and means people are more likely to want to invest, compared to a complete unknown.

Hope this helps if you are thinking about offering shares or was at least an ok read,


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