So this is a quote from a recent post here at PSO

“i keep getting flops i cant get away from and getting beat by morons who shouldn’t even have no business to enter the pot with such as 8 2 os and 3 7 s and 26, 8 3 and so on.”

During the big $4.40 players were chirping at a player for going all in with KTs and a number of other cards and making comments like “bingo player” he went on to knock 2 of the 3 of them out as they starting playing looser.

In both these cases people seem to be upset because the villain played hands that either they would not play or in a way they would not play them, now that in itself is fine but to suggest that a player has no right to be in a pot with 37s is a bit extreme it is there money they can play however they like. 

It seems to me that rather than being mad because the players are not playing as you would have played its down to us to observe the villains and adjust to their play. 

I recently have experimented with my opening range when deep stacked and managed to snag a nice pot with a marginal holding.  Another player at the table then was berating my play, How could I be in with that holding, and best of all that they had lost all respect for my game. 

This had 2 effects on me,

1. I tightened up as the table now knew I had been playing light (something observation should have told them anyway.) and

2. Gave me a good chuckle.  Honestly I should only play one way in a Tournament? What ever happened to switching gears.(Not that was what I was doing, I was trying to play LAG but thats not the point)

Rather than complaining that Our opponents are lucksacks we need to observe and adjust.