Ok so really this was a review for me.  It was a very straightforward ABC type of game which is a shame as it is an MTT and I'd have expected a little more.

I don't expect you to read through these notes (and sorry to the moods or who every does have to read all the hands) but I did want to review my play which I know was a bit toooABC as I had played it late and was a bit distracted, what I didn't expect was how inconsistant I played some of my bigger hands.

Hand 8 – KQo on the button Blinds are 15/30 Raise and call in hj and co fold in sb and min raise in bb 4 to flop q high rainbow. Check to me I bet 75% pot called by co (very loose to this point already bleed off 500 chips.  Min bet by co on turn followed by a raise and call.  Showed me pair 2s. I take the pot

Hand 10 – ATo in early position I flatted ( a mistake now I review it) raised  by co for his last 160, called by button  BB me and highjack.  Pot is 825 Flop is 65T rainbow.  I bet out 75% and get heads up. CO has J8 suited and is taking a seat on the rail.

Hand 17 – a table move and ATo in middle position. Blinds are 50 /100, again 1st in flat, (yuck) raise by button and all in by sb means I out of hand and Hopefully learnt my lesson.

Hand 18 – AQo now in early position.  Phew a 3x raise with 30bb’sbehind one call in the sb flop comes K high and we both check.  This is only the second hand I have seen with villain so no read. Turn is a 5 and they bet 400 I call.  River is a 7 he bets 700 and I’m out. 

Hand 25 – AJo in middle position. Blinds 50 /100.  Folded to me and I raise to 300 and take down blinds I’m down to 20 bb’s and should be making it 2.5x as a raise hmmm.

Hand 29 – A2o in the bb. blinds 75/150 small blind completes and I check. A bet on a A77 flop is enough to take it down.

Hand 31 -ATo (again) on the button early position flats and I raise he flats a 75% bet on a 23T board takes the pot.  (75% tends to be my standard flop bet if I don’t know the villain or feel they are likely to call.)

Hand 38 – 4 7 of clubs in the bb. Flat early and sb completes too. 35A r flop brings a bet from the early position player a player I have tagged as LAP (loose and passive) so the bet most likely means an Ace but even so not worth chasing the gutshot.

Hand 43 a premier hand at last AA  in early position blinds 100/200. A min raise (opps) to 400 brings a call from the small blind (a LAP player) flop of Q26 he checks and the c bet takes it. Interesting to note that after he called the 400 preflop he has only left 1200 (6 bbs).  With my win I’m up to 15bb.

Hand 44 and all my hands are coming at once  JJ this time.  A 3x raise this time (I may be saved by the fact no one has seen any show downs but why oh why different raise sizes.  Flopped around and serves me right.
Hand 52 early and A4 s which I decide to play (I’m playing 17/10) I raise and get a raise from the button ( a new player to the table. ) I call the 700. AJ7 flop see’s a bet on the flop from me and a fold.

Then a table move

Hand 66 – 99 in early position blinds are 150 / 300 / 25.  A raise to 1200 with 11bb’s is committing me to the pot and sure enough a shove from middle position sees are me all in and 2 others in the pot still .Flop is 5A9 turn a 3 flop a T but no extra betting, show down see’s a lucky triple up as the villain’s table AQ and 88 and I now have 10289 chips (34 bb’s)

Hand 67 79o  in bb 4 to the flop Q65 checked around.  The lucky 8 on the turn and the small blind bets 600, which I raise, 4 cards to a flush make me reluctant to flat as one of the other 4 could be drawing to the flush.  I take the pot.

Hand 75 – J7o in the bb wow 6 to see the flop 433 no action 2 on turn sees a bet from middle position and only 2 to see it through.

Hand 77 – TT on the button. Flat from highjack Played 73% of hands so far with no raise (out of 22) I raise and he calls heads up to the flop.  Problem is He has me covered and I have no idea what he could have. Plus is I have position and if he bets at it I know he has it. Flop is 553 a check and the c bet takes it.  I over bet this one thinking as he was such a calling station that he might chase with a good Ace.

Hand 79 (7 handed) 200/400/50 in HJ with 77 set one call and I make it 1600 to go get an all in call from sb (407) and a flat from my buddy from my last hand.  Flop is 627 double suited.  He checks and I min bet. He calls (not sure why I thought he come over the top…I agree with a smaller bet but should have made it 2000 or so.) Turn is a 9 check and a bigger bet of 3352 this time which is called (see knew it).  Ace on the river….brings a check again and a shove of 7700 (would put him all in) from me, I’m called.  He turns over A9 and the sb shows K2 to give me 2 knockouts and 35 bb’s

New table

Hand 82- Q6s in sb, a call from early position and I complete in SB bb shoves 6373 chips and is called (1886) I surrender by 400. The early position player takes it with a AJ for a nice double up.
Hand 83 – QQ on button 3 flats sees me raise to 3600 (can anyone say squeeze play?) Bringing an all in from SB of 4437 chips (still smarting from last hand or a genuine hand? ) of course I put in the few chips needed for a call and we are heads up no help for there AQo and I pull in another pot.

Hand 88 – (guess what my vpip is now ….17/11) Q2o in bb only button  389 rainbow flop brings nothing but checks and 7 on turn ditto river another 7 and show down shows K5 on the button takes it (a chance here missed on the turn to bluff and take it only defense is only 8 hands with villain )

Hand 96.(38bb) – JTo in sb blinds are 400/800/75 two flats in early position and for some reason I check on a Q3K rainbow flop I do bet the 9 on the turn and get called by the LAP on my left a 9 on the river sees a bet and another call.  I’m a little to be shown Q6 even though it is suited ( stats of 67 /0 over a small12 hands is a clue but was not expecting this bad after turn and river bets!!)

Next hand 97 (57bb) AA on the button a flat in early position sees a big raise which gets no action but does scoop the pot.  Don’t worry worse is still to come.

Hand 99 (60bb) 55 in HJ.  Folded  to me and I min raise called by CO.  Flop is A27 rainbow and I check..?..so does he. Turn is a 8 and river a 6 and still no bets he shows QJ and I’m lucky to be taking that one.

Hand 102 (51bb) blinds are 500/1000/100.  ATo in bb (that hand is now haunting my dreams) a flat by my mate on the left and a 3x raise from the sb brings a re-raise to 9000 from me.  I get a call (and am probably in trouble now)  Flop is T7Kr and sb shoves all in overbeting the flop 27k into 19k pot, having gone this far I should fold this and so of course call putting 2/3 my stack at risk (told you it got worse) Turn is 7 and river brings a 5 he shows me AQ and I breath a sigh of relief.

Hand 105 (89bb) QQ in the HJ shove of 10 bigs from early position a call and I raise committing everyone to all in or fold and of course this leads to 5 to the flop….532 two clubs looking good…..9clubs (red alert danger danger) a Ten on te river and time to see the damage. No 1. Is 88 no2 is 76s no 3 is AJs so far so good and original raiser has …….KK they get 56k and I take 36 k in the 3 side pots.

Hand 111 (99bb) QKo in CO BB is al in with 161 chips I raise to 2200 (my standard late tournament raise although not in this one) 86444 board and he takes main pot and I get side pot (from were small blind folded ) when he shows AJ.

WE are currently 6 handed

Hand 119 (99bb) 32o in bb two flats for what exactly I have no idea…not a 894 flop sees a bet from button and I’m out of there.

Hand 120 (82bb) 600/1200/125 Q8 in sb folded to me so I try and sneak in a raise when it is folded to me. BB calles thinking I’m full of it. 2JQ flop 75% c bet and … a fold.

Hand 123 (85 bb) JTo in HJ sees me raising 3x call from the sb. 396 2 tone flop sees no c bet( pure craziness from me and sorry but more to come), the 5 brings possible flush and a min bet from him with I call with my 4 flush ???? a T on the river sees more checking madness and somehow I drag a pot when he shows my AKo

Back to 8 on the table

Hand 128 (89bb) 55 on button min raise from middle position is met with a 3 bet to 6k by me. We see the flop heads up 7JT two tone and he min bets and I call (another chance lost, I am playing way too causious poker for the big stack) 4 on turn sees another min bet and call by me. 2 on rivr sees him give up, I finally bet hand take the pot.

7 handed

Hand 131 (73bb) 800/1600/150  66 UTG sees the 2.2 raise finally back which is enough for the pot.

Hand 132 (75bb) J8o in bb a flat UTG he bets the 73A flop and shows the 88 (very kind of him)

Hand 133 (74bb) Q7 suited in sb raise from mid position which both me and bb call.  599r flop sees no action and turn J sees the delayed c bet which takes the pot.

Hand 136 (72bb) A5o in HJ.  Folded to me and I min raise, button raises in all I call.  Flop is A9J 7 on turn brings a possible flush and …..river is a 9  giving me a half the pot as he shows A8.

Hand 137 (73bb) 22 early position sees a min raise and 3 callers.  744 flop  sees it checked around and a J on the turn sees the 3 of them playing without me. Player in the bb finally showing that the j on the turn made him a flush.
Final table woohoo

Hand 149 (53bb) 1000/2000/200 JK s middle position sees the 2.2 raise back. A call from bb, I do (finally c-bet on a 94Q flop and after a big raise give it up.

Hand 153 (44bb) K4s in bb 3 see the flop nice and cheap and on a 6AT flop the bet from HJ takes it.

Hand 158 (34 bb) 1250/2500/250 44 in middle position sees a min raise seats in front of me and a min re raise from the crazy Grade b. which is luckily enough to win the pot.
Hand 164 (36bb) K6 o lets try again a min raise a min rerasie and …..bum a shove from sb takes the pot.

Hand 167 (33bb) sees AA 3rd time….. raise (come on grade b whats gives with the weird sizes.) a reraise from sb sees a 30k 4 bet by me is called by sb.  Flop is 5TQ 2 diamonds put him all in (he had less than half the pot left.) he gives up.

7 left

Hand 175.(38bb) 1500/3000/300 JJ so lets go 3x raise just like last JJ (arrrrrrrrrrr this is driving me crazy) this takes the pot.

Hand 177 (40 bb) Q8s UTG sees a raise and a shove behind leading to my fold…opps.

6 left

Hand 186 (34 bb) 33 on button min raise from HJ sees call from me and bb 3 to see a 995 flop. Smallest c bet brings call from me and fold from bb. K on turn sees big bet and my 3’s hit the muck.

Hand 188 (30 bb) 22 in HJ sees a 3 x from me and a call from button . I bet a 39T flop and get called I try and pull off a bluff on the turn which brings a Q and get called by the straight leaving me with egg on my face wondering why I tried to bluff a fairly solid TAG player………

Down to 5 players

Hand 191 (1bb) 2000/4000/400 ATs in sb (having passed 76s following 2 strong all ins in bb) a raise from CO and I’m all in ……..A2J6J board sees me still alive against TQ

Hand 194  (4bb) I shove and take it down Its not like I have any fold equaty with bb’s standing at 47, 41,16,18 round to my 4 but I’ll take it.

Hand 195 (6bb) 95o in BB 23 callers and I fold the k high flop.

Hand 196 (5BB) in small blind JJ sees me all in against ship leader.  I hold and am up to 11bb but still 5th of 5.

Hand 200 (10bb) AQo on bb sees a 3x raise from chip leader then a call from 2nd place a shove from me and 1 call.  I get lucky to hit a Q against his AK.

4 handed

Hand 209 AJs (23bb) sb I raise he shoves his 29 bb and I call we both get 2 pair my AJ way ahead of his A5.

Hand 213 (45bb) Q7s in sb I raise and bb calles 9T7 flop I raise and he shoves which I call even though I hit a 7 on turn I down fill and his straight takes it.

Hand 215 (38bb) A9s in CO 2. ets a call from sb he bets a T69 flop and I raise hecalles and I’m not happy to see J on turn he checks and I bet ½ pot which is called.  T on river sees check down, and I’m relied to see K8 in his hand.

3 handed

Hand 219 (43 bb) JQo we all put in 15k to see a A59 flo. Button c bets and takes the chips.

Hand 222 (40 bb) A6s bb button raises and I 3 bet I get called and so does the c bet Turn is check and I hit 6 on river which I bet and get called.  He shows me top pair and I’m crippled (again)

2 handed

Hand 230 (10bb’s)  J7s on button wih two J on board I take it

232 (19 bb) KQo  and he has JJ and the game is over.


Holy moose…….2nd but not a great game.  My late position steal % under 10% I did better in sb at 33%.  I varied my raise sizes and was not aggressive enough.  Trying a bluff against the tight player not the loose one.   I did have a tight range for card selection which I did open up in later stages but not enough.

Points for next time.

Constant raise sizes stick with my 3x while I’m over 30 BB (or effective stack is over bb) and 2.2 overwise  Steal more.

Bet at those poor orphan pots.