If you search through the forums here, you will find many references to huds. Some people love them and some people hate them. Some people are in between in that they like the software that comes with some HUDs such as Poker Tracker 4, holdem indecator or  holdem manager 2 for the evaluation it can give you of your game, rather than for the actual hud.


Q1. So what does hud stand for?

A . Heads up display. 

Q2. How does the hud work?

A. A hud collect the information from the chat box and saves this converting this information into numbers, which will display on the villains currently actual table.  For example at a very basic level the hud will record how many hands a villain has played how many times a villain raises and how many times a villain 3-bets.

Q3. What information can be displayed.

A. Well what information can you think of relevant to past poker play. Percentage of steal attempts broken down by position yes a hud can do that.

Q4. Is using a hud cheating?

A. Interesting question some poker diehards feel the answer to this question should be yes. But obviously the answer is no. However before buying any software it is worth checking if it is allowed by poker stars (or other poker client for those of you in the USA).

I was looking through the thread “HUD's...are they really worth the investment?” http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?57587-HUD-s...are-they-really-worth-the-investment

You can find the following sentiments

1. “A HUD, will more than harm you as you will be letting the HUD dictate your plays as you're not sure what to do. Also, with all the fish swimming in 2NL, a HUD is pretty useless”

2. “I really struggled with a HUD when I first used one, it sent me on tilt and information overload kicked in”

3. “A HUD can be distracting as you might not know exactly what the information displayed mean”

4. “I love the HUD. Playing 4 Tables 6Max Zoom. it helps big time especially in steal situations.”

5. “HUDs give you some information, and that info has value.”

6. “To stay in the game from a SNG and MTT point of view I find them essential”

So from this you can see from this list: some people like them some people don't like them.
I would like to go through and give you my take on each of these six points.

1. I 100% agree that if you let the hud decide your play this will harm your game, however a hud does not recommend plays, a hud merely displays past data. It is up to the user to decide how to use this data, in the same way a user would decide how to use notes that they have made on a player. The same thing can be said simply of observing the table.  Not every player at 2NL is a fish, and a hud can help you decide which ones are.

2. huds can contain a lot of information, and you should start with only the most basic information. Until you get used to then you can add more information as needed. I currently have three lines of information in my hud. However as a general rule I'm not looking at any of that information to decide how to play one particular hand. Rather I am looking at my position, my stack, have I colour-coded the villain and (when I am on my A game, what is my image. If I add all of this information up and I'm still unsure of what to do and look at the data. One of the more useful features I find is to compare how they are playing this tournament with previous ones.

3. For sure, if you do not know what the information displayed on your hud means it should not be there. Fortunately in the video section here at PSO there are several videos on hud’s.

4. I have the following information set up on my hard: steal percentage, for cut off, button and small blind. Fold to steal attempt percentage, and fold to C bet.

5. If you haven't guessed by now I have to agree with this statement.

6. I'm not sure, that I can 100% agree with this statement possibly 90%. There are some very successful poker players who do not use a hud and several successful ones that do.


However my most favourite statement against huds is not found in this particular thread.

“Huds are cheating, I want to keep the game as it should be played."

I'm paraphrasing but that was the sentiment.

I sort of understand the sentiment, it's just I 100% disagree with it. The sentiment is as I understand it that players with a photographic memory, or even just a good memory, should have an advantage over myself, as I have a short term memory problem.

Yes I understand this is my take on the sentiment and probably not what was intended by the original person. It makes me laugh when I think of how poker has evolved with the onset of online poker. I'm sure, this is not how the game used to be played. I think you could probably say the same of casinos of the World Series of poker, things evolve, sometimes for the good sometimes not.

So I is a hud, maybe not ideally but let's be honest, you could say that the way I play poker hud or no hud.  I love the ability to go back through my hands to look at the tournament or even just to track my bankroll.

You may love it you may hate it, but I would advise you to research to learn and decide to yourself.



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