2013 time vault review

I have just sat and read my initial entry for the time vault. My yearly goal was as follows:

"By the end of 2013 I would like to be a more knowledgeable NLHE able to regularly beat the micro stakes level. My goal is to be comfortably playing 2 levels higher than where I start from on Jan 1st (starting at the 5 cent level do like to be playing and beating the 16 cent level by 31st Dec) I will do this by Reading poker books, Attending live trainings, and making use of the video archive at PSO."

Before I continue, I have to say I found it very hard to continue posting twice a week in my challenge thread. The reason for this, is the poker itself has not gone great. I'm pleased to say some time in November and continuing to the present time something has "clicked".
I am not playing two levels above where I started. I am comfortably playing one level below when I started, in a new format at that [6 Max].

I feel I am a more knowledgeable no limit hold 'em player, and yet this year has been a very strange journey. The first half of the year I attempted to build upon my current knowledge, I re-watched videos from the archive and read poker books, and yet month in and month out, I was losing.

I'm really not sure when the revelation hit it was a gradual thing, for the second half of the year I have been trying to learn the advances poker skills that are needed once you leave the micro stakes. I Spent more time relearning very basic ABC TAG style poker. 

Now I know, and you will know, that in order to advance I am going to have to get beyond this basic ABC mode of play. What a lot of you know and I have finally learnt, is that in order to at advance you need a solid foundation. If you want to put it in poker terms, you need a good C game.

And here we hit, another issue with my game. This one only struck me this weekend. I have a good A game for tournament play [not great] this is led to my highlights for the year [we'll get to those later]. During day-to-day ring games, and even when I was playing the Golden seat and go's I do not have it, I'm playing my B game, or worse my C game. The reason I came to understand this was thinking about the highlights of the year so enough moaning about how bad I am here some of the highlights.

• With Decembers games still to play I currently sit in seventh place in the real money leader board, and ninth place in the play money leader board in the PSO  home game challenge. It is nice to be able to compare myself to my peers here at PSO and compete in a friendly atmosphere month after month.

• In November I played in eight different micro millions events. Running a small stake basically to get myself a rail. I managed to cash in five of the events and return a profit on my stake. My best run being getting to 41st  place in event 80.

What do these two achievements have in common, my absolute undivided attention. I really wanted to do well in them and so was playing my A game. [Have to be honest I'm not sure if it's I really want to do well in them, or I don't want to look like complete and utter Wally in front of my peers at PSO.]

So, on the highlights what about the low lights.

• Going on tilt - and jumping into a 25 NL came. (lost close to $100 opps)

• Having a winning month only to make bonehead call and lose all the profit. You know the ones, you know the player has the goods but you just got call just in case.

So even though through 2013 I have not increased my bankroll, I do feel I succeeded in becoming a better no limit hold them cash game plan. It just feels a little weird that he wants to do that I have to unlearn a few things.

With this in mind, I look forward to 2014 where I intend to put my A game forward. This probably means playing less cash games and more MTT's. I still intend to play some cash games especially as it's taken me all this year to have a winning month but I feel my main focus will be the MTT's.


Grade B