first draft of my 2014 goals.

Yearly Goal
By the end of 2014 I would like to be showing a reasonable ITM % and a positive ROI in MTTs and large field SnG’s (180 man +) I will be using 100 Buy in rule for the start of the year however one of my caveats will be setting money aside to play some micro millions games plus I will play whatever PSO main events that my schedule will allow.

I will also be trying to satellite in to bigger games than my bank roll will allow.
By the end of 2014 I would like to be a more knowledgeable NLHE cash game player able to regularly beat the 5NL level. My goal is to beat 2NL over 20,000 hands then move to 5NL and attempting to do the same there. I will do this by, Attending live trainings, and making use of the video archive at PSO, and using the people and forums available here at PSO.

Monthly goals

• Each month I would like to play 20 MTT’s
• Each month I would like to work on a different Area of the MTT games see list which I will be adding to.

o Starting hand selection
o C-betting
o Stack to pot ratio
o Blind play
o Using a HUD
o steals
o Medium stack play
o Short stack play
o Hand reading
o Big stake play
o Pot odds

I will Breakdown 1 of them a blog it picking out key hands which highlight the specific area I am working on that month

Weekly goals
• Play in sessions that do not last beyond an hour without a break (ring games)
• Review tough spots and post for comments
• Play SnG / MTTs within my budget


Bank Roll Management

30 buy-ins

SnG Multi table & MTT's**
MTT's - 100 buy-ins
180 man- 100 buy-ins

Good luck to everyone in 2014 may all your decisions be the right ones.

Grade b