So I have not played many micro millions games before as unfortunately even the $2.20 games are outside of my bankroll. So in September I decided to get creative and put aside 10% of my winnings and convert them to Canadian dollars and leave that aside for playing the micro millions.

This gave me about $15 plus I had a $5.50 ticket one from PSO.
I had look for the schedule to see some games I thought I would like, and came up with the following schedule;

event 5   14th November 6:30 PM $3.30 no limit hold'em full ring.
event 24   16th November 6:30 PM $2.20 no limit hold'em full ring
event  52  19th November 6:30 PM $5.50no limit hold'em full ring (note did not play this one added event 80 as a sub)
event 70  21st November 6:30 PM $3.30 no limit hold'em full ring
event 99   24th November 6:30 PM $3.30 no limit hold'em full ring

And I offered a stake in the PSO forum, now personally I do not like playing with other people's money but on the other hand I do like having the rail. The solution was fairly easy I would offer 1% to 10 people at a discount that way if I did not too well [and my tournament play at the moment has not been stellar] I would not feel bad and no one would feel they had been ripped off. [Not that I think anybody at PSO would feel that way is their horse did not too well].

And I was ready, or so I thought, but actually no I was not. The first game I played was a shocker, to me in low buy-in tournaments you expect to see some bad players show up.  This was 10 times worse than I was expecting. Very first-hand started with a call, a raise, followed by an all in.  Please note this tournament started 250 big blinds deep. Okay not a problem we have a big fish at the table.

Second hand sees a raise and a couple of calls followed by an all in on and a call on the flop. The eventual winner of the hand was the player who pushed all-in with 53 suited and his open ended straight draw.

So with this being my first micro millions game in over a year I did as I expect most of you would I tightened up sat back and watched. I have to admit I was expecting after the first hour also that the game would settle down a little. This was not to be the case after two hours I had some players on my table with a VPIP over 50.

I did manage to hang on until after the bubble broke and was expecting again that things would resolve themselves back more to a game that I am used to this never happened although I did manage to cash in that first game.

Okay so maybe it was just that one game but, no the second game was much the same, unfortunately I didn't get the cards and went out about 300 people short the bubble.  JJ v's 77 They hit a 7 on the flop and that was it for me.

I have played two more games this time with the understanding that this is the norm and making the adjustments to the players at my tables [sometimes not making the adjustments as well as others] with the results that despite crashing out of the $5.50 game I made a deep run in the $3.30 6-Max for a nice $20 + score.

In chatting with some players in the PSO Skype group, and on a few tables it seems some players would rather avoid the micro millions because of all the "one time one of be MTT'ers". I say these players are a good reason to play the micro millions. Yes the micro millions is not going to play like your average MTT, but you have a huge advantage over these first-timers;

a. You know this is not optimal play.
b. You can recognize poor play.
c. You can adjust.

After all playing and MTT is all about adjusting to the flow of the game sure we are used to again starts tight with a few loose players a game where we expect strong raises to be respected if we have a tight image. The same time, we are able to read the players at our table and know which ones will not respect a raise, and we know what to do with these players we take them to value town (note: I stole this phrase from ArtySmokesPS, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind)

What do you do with players with a high VPIP but a low PFR who suddenly bets the flop?  You pause that's what. Then you agree evaluate the strength of your hand, a passive player leading into you means what? They have it were very least they believe they have it, therefore we know we need strength to continue.

So to those players who are thinking about playing the micro millions but if heard bad things about it I say this go in with your eyes open and have some fun, make notes, make reads and play solid poker.  It's true you may well have your Cowboys cracked by some joker playing 79 off suit. But that's true in any game you play. It always makes me smile when I hear players say they want to play good players, not bad players. Personally I would like to play players who are not as good as me [insert your own joke here] rather than ones who are adjusting to my style of play and making correct plays against me.

In conclusion, after a surprise and a little adjustment I have managed cash in two of the 4 micro millions games that I have played so far. And if I can keep up that percentage of cashes I will be over the moon.

Grade b