2 and ½ months to go in the year.

I’m not going to worry about getting to 10NL, instead I will concentrate on 2nl and working on my hand reading.

I will also step up SnG tables.  With this in Mind ….

I will play 20K (or till end of year whichever comes first) At 2nl.  While doing this I will concentrate on the following.

Hand reading, I will mark hands for review that I misread.  I will review these hands at the start of the next session before firing up tables.

Starting hands , I will draw out a hand chart by position that I am comfortable playing.

I will post 2 hands to my thread at the start of each session (will help with me doing the review).
Will use Mondays to watch some videos on micro stakes, I will make notes on these and review them after.

Will see how that works out…….