So this month has been a serious run to make top 500 in the open league and qualify for the Premier league.

The seems to be two schools of thought about how to play the open league.

1. Play tight and time out every hand and only play AA or KK and then only if you are dead into the game.
2. Play normal poker making reads on the other players and adjusting accordingly.
As boring as it seems I play closer to style 1 than style 2.  Early levels I will Play JJ+ and table dependant AKs again on most tables I will shove these hands but on the rare table i will make a standard raise.  As we get deeper and play settles I will open up and play my standard range of hands this tents to be at around 2000 players left although i learn today it should be at 1440 players left as that is the ITM point.

I also found that the game at 9.00 EST does not fill so you can late reg for that one (after 6 mins yesterday 2000 players had bust)  I try to play 2 games a day and have managed to play 39 games and Opps out in 2167th yesterday has dropped me to  584th place.

So why include this in my Blog...well as many of you know (all 5 who read this anyway) I'm struggling in the cash game a good deal of it is down to concentration (my A game needs work).  But in the Open League I have fewer hands I will play and they are less tricky players to play against effect



.which I need to do in my cash this space

Grade b