Type in the words “learning style” in goggle and you will be awash with theories and information all relating to how people best learn.   As a student there was one style and that was chalk board sit and listen.  As a teacher now We are told we have to make the work relevant, (have to ever tried to make quadratic equations relevant to rural kids?)  Not only do we have to make learning fun! But we have to fit it into students learning style.  Now don’t tell the superintendent but thinks are getting out of hand the last survey we had the kids doing  had the following styles on it (I kid you not)

Visual – basically you like working with pictures rather than words you like diagrams to help explain the concept.

Auditory – you like to listen to the teacher explain.

Musical – what? You like singing we were told by management that is students wanted to sing answers we were to let them!!

Verbal – you like to talk about the idea rather than write

Kinesthetic – prefer to use your body (funnily enough this is mine)

Nature – Come on seriously I only learn outside???

Mathematical – Prefer logic reasoning and systematic rules

Interpersonal – Learning in a group (my second way of learning)

Intrapersonal – Working alone using self study (I heard recently that Tom Dwan falls into this category. )

Now I do recognize that people learn in different ways, I got through Uni by taking my notes and rewriting them 3 or 4 times. The act of reading and the physical act of writing (Moving my hands-kinesthetic see)  helped the information sink in.  However what keep my marks up where the labs ( I took chemistry at University folks in UK will understand those other side of the pond not as much), where I was learning through doing.  Personally I prefer Neil Flemming’s  VARK model

A = Auditory
R= Reading –Writing
K = Kinesthetic

I do recognize also some people work better in groups and some as an individual 

“So what Grade b…” well I’m trying to learn to play poker and until two weeks ago never even thought about my learning style.  Like what are you doing Grade D’oh.  So can we fit learning poker into these 4 styles?

Visual – PSO offers some great live training (http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/live-training), as well as a comprehensive video library (http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/poker-videos) I have to say Visual learners have no end of material to look at.

Auditory -it’s a cop out but see links above.   Now if you are thinking of buying a poker book get the Audio version – no diagrams but let’s face it your style of learning does not really require them does it.  It’s also worth looking at some Text to Audio software to convert blogs and articles to a sound file.  As a teacher I like Kerswel but at $3k per computer for the license the board went with  Premier text to speech instead.  I am in the process using it to convert  Artysmokesps Blog (http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/blogs/ArtySmokesPS/The-ABC-of-2NL-Building-Blocks-for-Profitable-Full-Ring-NLH-Poker-at-the-Lowest-Stakes-Introduction) to audio so I can put it on my ipod.

Reading –Writing Easy peasy guys read books, and articles and take notes..

Finally my own style…

Kinesthetic – so the obvious answer is do it…so of course that is not correct, poker is too complex to be able to say just play…it will just reinforce the bad play I already have.  Ideally I think my style would  benefit from a poker boot camp, but that sounds like it costs money (serious money WPT cash clinic is $1895.00 ).  So what can I do well I can write down what I read / what I hear /see in the trainings / videos.  I can play poker ….using guidelines. I printed Artysmokes Starting hand charts and have them in front of my computer. I can think about poker when I’m moving..sounds silly but walking helps me think…so why not think about poker.

This about wraps it up apart from the group v’s individual part.

If you work best alone easy but as a group well I’m guessing that is most of us after all we joined a community didn’t we…post hands in the hand analyze forum offer suggestions to others.  Join the skype group…be part of the community, 99.62% of the people active in PSO are helpful, friendly and are trying to help me and you improve your game.

Good decisions..
Grade b.