So at day nine at two NL normal speed, I have played 2210 hands and one $11.59 that works out to about 26 big blinds per 100 hands.


I know in the grand scheme of things this is not huge but in the grand scheme of grade b poker education this is huge.


A couple of things support about this change, I have continued from July's ABC style of play however late in July I attended one of the Thelangoliers trainings, and had a revelation.

Dave was pointing out calling a three bet with two Kings was a bad play when the nit jammed it all in as this really narrowed his range.

I thought to myself man I have lost so many shots with two Kings against two aces this month I think I will go and look and see.

As it turns out at two NL I haven't lost a lot of money with kings to three bets but further delving shows that overall for the year at two NL I have lost $28.11 when calling a three bet or greater. (and worse at 5nl) At two NL this year I am $42.72 up over 14,264 hands meaning I could have made half as much again if I wasn't according as many three bets.

(2NL zoom I have played 4861 hands and currently down $15.97 calling three bets plus accounts for $9.02 of this)

So in August I've made it my mission not too call as many three bets. .

So for this month I have called three bets obviously a total of 42 times for a profit of $4.59. I still have some work to do but 95% of the goals I have made I think were good calls.


I will continue to work on this,

good decisions,

Grade b