So I was thinking about the rule of 20, and I decided to have look at how I did playing pairs. looking though my poker tracker,I selected

this year
no limit
two NL or five NL

And praise be I found 2662 times, winning 1289 times with a profit of $34.15.


So feeling quite good about how I played my pairs. Then I realized I had missed a vital part, so added the following filter

facing pre-flop action, any raise

the story changes a little there here 690 times hands won 222 profit $-40.87.

here we have the good,

With my 88 facing arrays of eight cents I need to to have potential profit of $1.60 if it was just a villain six should be a fold but with villain six and four for this is a good call. Villain 2 is a bonus.

here the bad

just hoping that 9's were good enough!!! yuck yuck yuck

and the ugly

now it's tempting to say I got unlucky in this hand but facing a three bet on $0.20 I needed implied odds to win four dollars said to play the hand I need to be pretty sure that both feelings will play all in if I hit.

So next step look at my pairs facing a raise and use the rule of 20 every time. (ok not every time but 95%)

Grade b