Time for a new plan.

Six months have passed in this challenge.  Do I think that I have learnt to play better poker? Well this was the seventh question I asked myself in order to get the answer yes. I actually do believe I play better poker but I know something is still wrong.

I just looked up a few stats and found that in six months I have played 68,341 hands of cash poker, and that I have lost $145.42. So onto the trusty pokertracker  and I ran a leak report to see where I am going so horribly wildly wrong.

Overall everything is in good range. Small blind everything him a good range. Big blind to everything in the good range, early position everything in the good range. Middle position everything a good range. Cut off  finally found a need improvement, won showdown after a river call. Looks like I don't believe the blinds enough when they actually have something. The button everything is in the good range.

So it would appear on average over 68,000 hands that I have learnt to play better poker so why am I 30 I buy-ins down at the five NL level?

Let's look a little deeper not very deep because it's scary, $16 lost at 10 a NL okay not a bad took a short 10 NL didn't do well, when backdown. So where is the big loss here? 5 NL Zoom-$152.82 lost. Five NL normal speed $71.20 won.

My issue is concentration, concentration on the table on the action on hand reading. A big concentration issue is playing cash games at the same time as a tournament game more of my concentration is going into the tournament games than cash games. I'm also playing longer sessions than I initially said I would.

A six-month plan
study study study. I plan to convert artysmokes blogs into audio files, to put onto my iPod.
Only play tournament or cash.
Short sessions between 30 minutes and one hour.
All of that said I'm off on holiday taking $400 to the casino play some $1/2 dollar no limit will report back next week.



Grade b

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