I am really enjoying the PSOSOP, but playing all of these tournaments is affecting my cash came.
This month I'm down around $30 and unfortunately I don't have the skill set to play tournament and cash simultaneously. This is a shame as I enjoy having a stable open while I'm playing in the PSO games.

Mid-July I will have the time to sit down and analyse my cash game and do some serious learning, until then don't be surprised to see me on the ones and twos and tables with Arty smokes charts pinned to the window.

As the games themselves some reason I seem to be doing better in the games I'm released happy with, i.e. Turbo games and shorthanded games. I'm still not convinced I adjust well to these formats, but the competition is fierce and friendly and I want to do well playing on the table of people I know and respect. (Not that I have made a few donk moves and been knocked out light.

Two full weeks left of the series unfortunately I'm away last week but still looking forward to the 10 or so cash games and the 10 or so play many games and seeing if I can lockbox my way to a few more final tables.

Grade b