Well 1st off I was a little jealous that i would miss about 3/4 of the games due to work and the kids baseball, but it is what it is and I could be stuck somewhere (night shift for example) where I cannot play any of them.

Event 1 -8 game
Ok so this is one of the games I would miss as I was at work, but I was off with flu so decided to play,

I played both the cash and the play money which was kind of confusing as they had different starting stacks and different time structures.  8 games is not tracked in my HUD so I don't really have  an account (I was ill and still feeling the effects).  I went out after 2 hours in the play money but managed to play / luckbox my way to a final table.  I finished 4th in this one and was A bit miffed that I didn't fold to a 3rd place as the points would have been better, but that's just not in my nature.

So having played event 1 several things struck me...

1. We are lucky to get to play with this pool of players as
a. They are mostly friendly
b. mostly supportive
c. they are darn good players

2. This is going to be a tough series to come out on top of.

3. a deep run is going to take patiance; that final table had taken me 5 hours plus of hard playing.


Event 2
86 entrants and i Managed to last a whole 100 minutes before busting in 32nd place. Totally misplayed this hand which left me crippled

oh well always the next one.

Event 14

6 max NLHE

Now I normally play full ring and when i do play 6 max I have no clue how best to adjust so I play my normal full ring game. and sure enough start playing at 8:00pm and out at 8.10, 12 hands is very nearly a record for me.  Did not play well but never mind Play money game starts at 9:00pm and the structure is a little better(start with 3k chips not 2k so more scope for errors.)
1st hand (do you believe in fate?)

I was talking to my wife about the baseball game i had missed!! (I never looked at my hands i had missed untill today when i was doing the review) and i'm not out!! time to built on that..
ok 5 handed table and 2 are sitting out oh no how do i play that...

This look terrible and maybe was but Stumpy and me had played the last 6 hands heads up and this was his 4th all in jam...

over confidance?

or a table of complete sitouts..for about 60 hands then i get a live one..

Then dang it all moved table now i have to remember how to play but it was good while it lasted.
Have a read on this player he has nothing....

or the Fullhouse. nothing or a Fullhouse I meant opps ...

I got moved to a very hard table with Dale, TheLangolier, gtwi, oriholic and Jordon and we play for over an hour at this table. till....

And now we are nine handed (in the big points...)
woohoo made a final table

down to 3 and i'm feeling
a.tired as heck
b. mega excited

never let it be said that I never get luck as this hand which pretty much settled the game shows.

At 1.30 am I have finally cracked a PSo braclet...woohoo.
Well was going to include the heads up but think I will save that for next blog.

Many thanks to PSO members who make this a great series to play oh and I guess PSO and Pokerstars for putting it on.

And defo Pokerstars for adding cash to some of the games. 

Grade b