So for the last 2 months I have been trying to break back into the Premier League.  So I figured a nice easy Blog entry would be to follow a typical Open league and post all the hands I actually play (usually about 5 untill we get to down to 1000 entrants).

So before this game I had played 33 games and was in 835th position(need to crack top 500)

This was the 5pm (EST) game on Thursday 23rd May

Hand 1 – 1st thing to note is we have 3 sit outs on my table.  Early position limp makes for the second note and the all in shove followed by the limper timing out and sitting out is the 3rd.
Hand 2 – all in by different player
Hand 5 – have JJ in the BB.  The very first all in player from hand 1 goes all in again and it folds to me.  Normally this early in the tourney I fold JJ but his range is so wide that it’s a call (in my book).  I fade A2o and double up.

Hand 7 sees and other all in and call and AA takes it down.

Hand 10 AKs usually a playable hand depending on the action but I have a double stack, one limper so I make it 4x I get reraised and a caller, and we get it all in preflop, not a great move with A high and I’m against KK so sucks to be me.  Luckbox Flush FTW.

so of all the hands this is the one i'm most dubious about.  player 8 had been in 3 of the last 9 hands but all calls no raise and for sure not a 3 bet which should have set off big alarm bells but i was swayed by the facts that i could stack 2 players here and i was not at risk.  on review this was a pretty sure fold to the 3 bet.

Hand 15 look at the info box tells us that 1/2  the field has gone, I sit in 597th of 4909 left (10000 started)

Hand 22 the all fest has slowed and its actually folded to my sb a 3x takes it

Hand 43 I’m not involved in but Holy molly what was seat 2 thinking

Hand 44 AKo raise 3x get an all in raise from the crazy player from hand 43, so an easy call.

First break- I have played more hands than I normally play in one of these and sit in 650th of 1906 with a stack of 8155.

Get AA for hand 59 but no action

Playing more hands now we are under 1000 players

AKo but get reraised so fold

44 on the button Set FTW

After 101 hands I have VPIP of 10 PR of 7 3 bet of 0 and Cbet of 100

So pick up QQ 151st hand and get called by KT

Now in 24th of 181

So heres the thing tighten right up for points or continue to play for final table and mega big points,  At time si have done both but I continued to play this one
Till hand 181…

Finished in 104th place with 69.06 points which placed me in top 500 for a few hours (next tourney went out second hand I played in 2250th lost 15 points

Grade b