Somewhere there is happy medium between F.P.S. (fancy play syndrome ) and not being an exploitable ABC player. I think I may have slipped over that line and crashed some time ago.


Three years ago I transitioned From Fixed Limit (FL)to No Limit(NL) I made a chart that had position and hands for calling hands for raising and hands to fold.  It sat by my computer for 4 or so months.  It would work well at 2NL but when I played 10NL or 25NL I would get snapped off like a bug.  In summer 2010  I joined the PSO but didn’t really do much until sometime during the summer of 2012.  I was playing STT (single table Sit and Go’s) $1.50’s and doing ok (you don’t have to do anything fancy just play ABC).  So I started to attend trainings watching and trying to take it all in. 



It’s a lot to take in and I’m not a great student, but the trainers here are patient even though I’m sure I probably asked the same questions over and over.  After a few months of watching I found the forums, being a forum newbie it was scary but I made posts.  Finally after maybe a year of not great posting I started to ask questions and post hands.  I have watched videos and watched live trainings and listened as I slowly comprehended that ABC is a great starting point but is exploitable at higher limits (higher unfortunately  being anything above 2NL).

So this year inspired by Sandtrap777 I put in place some goals that I thought I could achieve and yet no…I have not made a profit in any month so far at NLHE.  So why? Well that is a very good question, I think after having attended the following trainings;

Commitment Decisions
Hand Reading and Ranging Opponents
Poker Theorems
Using Hold'em Manager for Self Analysis
NLHE Full Ring Games Micro-Stakes
NLHE Cash Games Small-Stakes Replayer
NLHE $0.50 - $1 Cash Game Replayer
Continuation Betting in NLHE
3-Betting Essentials
NLHE Micro Full Ring Replayer Session
Managing Medium to Short Stack in MTT's
Fold Equity
Stack to Pot Ratios Part 1
Stack to Pot Ratios Part 2
Ok that’s about 10th of them but I shall stop there before this blog gets wildly out of control. After each trainging With the exception of Pot To flop ratio I would try to incorporate the main idea into my game.  I slipped sometime ago into a mix of Anti ABC style of play, combined with getting to attached to 1 pair or 2 pair hands (not hand reading well). 


Well sometime last month I started the realization that i was doing it but still even this week I catch myself thinking I have a tight image I can bluff this river, when of course I should be thinking (along the lines of....) This player has shown a lot of weakness and seems to be playing this like he has his 1 maybe 2 pair hands and he has shown he is good enough to fold if he is beat, have I played this hand in a way that he will think I have him crushed and will lay it down If I make this bluff.

So back to ABC for me I have played the last 2 days using the chart the NLHE training here at  PSO and added some steal opportunities for late play.  And for the last two days I’m up…now 2 days is not a long time and Its me I know even better than you do that in 3 days I could be back to losing ways but, I feel good that this is the right way to go.  I plan to go through Artysmokes Blog a few more times and work in his starting charts with a random number list just so I can throw in enough curve balls to keep the opponents guessing.

I will let you know how that goes.

Grade b