So I don’t know about you but man this weekend it felt like my Aces were cracked every time.  Now if you are like me you will have noted that I said seems like not did.  I can’t tell you the last time I won with Aces but Yesterday in the Open League I had AA cracked and went out in 3542nd place costing me -8 points.  Then On Friday I had AA Cracked by 67s in a STT.

So I opened up my Stats tracker and looked over the results.

Cash games this month I have been dealt AA 16 times and won 16 of them woohoo.

MTT’s and SnG’s I have been dealt AA 41 times and aha only won 39 times.

So basically of the 57 times I have AA I can only recall 4 of them (2 loses and 2 times I got a walk in BB Same MTT)

Well what about the year? April could just be a fluke.

196 times dealt AA won 186 of them

MTT and SnG’s
137 times dealt AA won 135 of them

So what does this tell us? That the memory likes to fool us and review is very valuable.


Grade b