So today I was reading "22 Things Happy People Do Differently By Chiara Fucarino" and it got me wondering if I could translate each one into poker ideals, and how many I actually do. 


so for fun here goes



1. Don't hold grudges.
So if your KK gets cracked by A2o, Don't steam and vow vengeance on that player because you are going to end up playing  mediocre holding because that villain is in the hand and you're going to go broke.  Instead Know you made you made the +EV play make a note " plays any A preflop" and add him to your friends list.


2. Treat everyone with kindness.

Say "nh" and  "gg" to friends and fish alike.  It amazes me how often you see comments about how badly I played a hand.  In some cases its absolutely justified, One memorable hand I  was playing a tourny and some cash tables at the same time and I played a hand in the tourny really badly and got lucky.  The guy I just sucked out on went crazy, saying what a fish I was and how I'd never make a final table.  Well thanks for that wake up call, your absolutely right your KK hand my TT dead to the two outer.  So I shut down the cash tables tightened up and paid attention to the table and made third in that tourny.


3. See problems as challenges.

best example I can think of right now is OSL how many plays moan that the play is treble rathe that How can I adapt to beat this league.



4. Express gratitude for what they already have.

Speaks for its self


5. Dream big.

How many $100 to $1000 challenges do we have going, or plans to scoop a final table win. Dream big and have a plan to make it happen


6. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

"will this matter a year from now?" if now that why you getting mad, there's a 2 hour wait for your normal game at the local casino, Nice time to try a different stake or read a book or have a walk or you could get your blood pressure up and yell at the floor manager and threaten to take you $500 elsewhere.


7. Speak well of others

Listen closely to next member review you attend here at PSO.  Always you will hear the trainers praising good play, as well as pointing out areas for improvement. 


8. Never make excuses.

"The RNG is against me" "jokerstars" " I never hit " well reality is "I overbet" "I chased with poor odds" "I misplayed it"


9. Get absorbed into the present.

Who is on my table, What style are they playing?

10. Wake up at the same time every morning.

...minds a blank...


11. Avoid social comparison

Again thinking of the time vault challenge goals which for me, I'm still trying to beat the 5nl, If i start looking and saying well that ********** is beating the 25NL level and on 6 grand I will feel so bad.  What I should be saying is Am I a better player than i was last week.


12. Choose friends wisely.

here fishy fishy (couldn't resist).  No if you are friends with players who all feel they can't beat the game cos of Y2K or whatever they will bring you down.  If your friends with jolly positive people who are well if you study you do it you feel positive.


13. Never seek approval from others.

you need to take a break, take one.  You need to play down do it.  You want to take a shot up (and you can afford to) do it.  People will always be able to find fault in what you do , but you need to do what is right for you.


14. Take the time to listen

when you ask for advice in forums, listen to advice given.


15. Nurture social relationships

cos if you don't its you against the world baby


16. Meditate. 17. Eat well18. Exercise

Lumped these together, very important for that Sunday, long grind.


19. Live minimally

....minds blank..

20. Tell the truth.
my first thought was to this does not apply.  but it so does.  That losing streak are you playing well or not, can you make some changes or do with some advice so I will amend the title to Tell the truth (to yourself)

21. Establish personal control.

Have a plan


22. Accept what cannot be changed

Bad player are everywhere, and bad beats happen



Grade b