March was a funny month.  I Played the WBCOOP and won 5 tickets played the march madness in the home games and did well, not so good.  Played a few satellites for the micro millions but zero success.  My main goal of improving my Cash game hit another bump as i Played 7449 hands of 2/5cent NL  for a loss of $24.82, and 1492 hands of 1/2 cent for a loss of $9.44.

Strange really as I felt good about my game, but review shows 2 big things standing out 1. a few bad beats but we all have those the other is hands that I know I should have folded on the flop or turn or not bet the river.  So its concentration or a lack of it.  SO no more cash tables open while playing home game MTT's or even my new favorite Omaha STT's.

April will be a mix of 2 cent and 5 cent cash tables, i intend to try and continue the stt's if they stay nice and soft but i suspect now folks have used the free tickets up that will change.  if that's the case back to the 90 mans.

Good luck in April

Grade b