So blogged about tournaments, Sit and gos so what to do what to do...

Right just finished a 30 minute session 4 tables of regular speed 5NL.  so first the basics
Hands dealt in  = 144 (well thats just gross)
VPIP                       = 15.49% (22 hands)
PFR                          =9.76%  (13 hands)
3bet                       = 9.76%  (4 Of 41 chances)

Ok so first big hand

Villian is a playing as TAG borderline NIT although I'm not ready  to comment to that he is only buying in with $2 so I give him total credit for playing JJ+ & AK here.  Given I have those crushed In she goes.  (and as you can see now need to adjust my read a touch)

Hand 2

Big What am I doing hand, Inital raiser is playing TAG so looking at the replay this is a fold preflop...grrr

Villian 2 TAG (250+ hands)
Villian 3 LP (50+ hands)
Villian 5 TAG (90+ hands)
Hero new to table 5th hand
Villian 8 LAG ( 40+ hands)

Now I know what I did I looked at the colour codes from previous sessions and went "get me some of that..." which is all well and good but calling a raise from the TAG is not the way to do it.  Did come to my senses eventually, but this is for sure an area for me to improve.
Hand 3

I did a fair amount of set mining this session ok 4 (33, 44,77 and this)

Folded to me so standard open, Villain Was playing TAG and this is the first attempted steal I have made this table (out of 6 chances I most look at that too).  SO options, He could be raising back weak thinking I'm stealing, He could have a good hand....I call and honestly considered folding but figured He I miss and board is Broadway cards I'd give up but if I snag a 9 and he has a genuine hand he would pay me off.

So I need to look at weak hands against good players and my steal spots....OOOO a March madness game is starting so see you later..

Grade b