Hmmm what to put in the blog this week?  Well as per normal.  I'm winning the 25 cents but losing on the cash tables.  Why well that is the million dollar question.  I'm pretty sure the answer is playing distracted.  After all I have been playing the WBCOOP and concentrating pretty hard on that so, find my self reverting back to playing Top Top and thinking its good.  I think what really drove it home was playing heads up in the March madness heads up and WBCOOP.  I only had these two tables open but was timing out as i concentrated on each match.  I am hoping still that March can be a turnaround Month for me a month where I book a winning streak with solid fundamental poker, well will it happen (i'll let you know).


Right The WBCOOP final event is starting so more later in the month.



Grade b