So Stud H/L, I play it as often as I play Omaha H/L the difference being that i understand the value of the starting hands better.

Now I have to say I only really thought about it today but as EvokeNZ said in my last blog, I called more and bet with the goods more than I ever did in he Omaha H/L and true for NLHE as well.

Why well a. I like the game and b. I'm relaxed because I know I can play it. All that ramble being said how did it go.

Let us start by saying I feel okay now but last night I was tossing and turning at the last 10 hands or so that put me out, but it seems I'm getting ahead of myself.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin

Unusually for me I played the very first hand (wot no reads) Mind you i did have that valuable position.

Nice one me, okay so we play 8 handed and dang it all 2 sitouts, ok nevermind watch table observe who is loose who tight ...and get moved tables just as you decide dang it all start again.

so I'm folding KKT or JJT but will play this hand why?

okay for some reason in the replayer i am villain 7 sorry about that.. well this hand has a chance to pick up both the high and the low Yes its a gut shot to my straight but a 2nd A will be nice. And because you can see a higher % of the opponents hand it is a game where i am able to find the fold button.

Strange late reg is only 30mins, some have been as high as 90 mins 243 players in this one and 96 of us get paid.


woohoo not only do i suvive the bubble but make the final table.....

so why was i mad if i mad the final table because i was out in 4th and this was for sure my best shot at a win...GRRRRRRR so final hand and an early bath for me..

Jon went on to take 2nd to Sandtrap777 so overall a good result for PSO.

Grade b