Well what can I say about event 9, other than "well that sucked b" Which is a shame because now i need to decide do I play the next Omaha H/L or do I play the NLHE shootout turbo.

As I write this I hope I can improve my performance as I think I will play the other H/L.

So I need to decide where I went wrong.  I was at a very aggressive table.  We lost the first player in hand 9 he got all in with 7546 rainbow preflop.  This gave one player a double stack and boy did they bully the table.

Big part of my problem was seeing the ability to crush the aggressive player when I was finally dealt a good high hand
KK42  (2 clubs K and 4) I was crippled by AA69 when no Low fell and aggro boy had got out of the way.

So more patience is needed and why reraise pre maybe i should wait and see if i make a few hands then raise...



Grade b