Well I was going to blog about each game I played to help me focas on my table and get reads without my HUD.  so after nearly 4 hours of play in the 8 game I have 7 lines of notes which takes me up to the first round of NLHE.

General thoughts then, My starting table was loose aggressive in general with 2 calling stations thrown into the mix.

So as you can imagine i wasn't in many hands playing 0 for triple draw, 3 for razz.

Looking into the lobby after 30 minutes I see we have no knockouts yet, I consider making a prop bet with PSO as to how many people we will lose in the first hand of NLHE, sure enough all in on my table and we lose a player quick look at the lobby 6 out.
We have two more all ins with crazy hands then, boom

With the call Preflop and the checkraise on the flop i put him on a T have to say I put him on KT or JT rather than the 9, maybe I should not get it all in with 1 pair but against this maniac I'm sure I'm ahead (2 pair at any point would seen instant all in).  After this is was mostly standard although I feel I should say I was very card dead for a lot of it.

finally bust out in 33rd for a nice prize of $16.50 ticket

Grade b