Back from work, got ready to go pot of coffee on, kids tucked in front of the tv and we are off WBCOOP starts for me with Event 3 Badgui.

Now I would like to claim an edge in this game, but that's a big old lie I think I have played it 3 times before this. I did look up a starting chart and for the first two hours planned to stick to that. As with a lot of tournaments Tight is right.

my first hand is this one.

As you can see the villain draws every round but does beat my 10 high Badgui nh sir, and let me finish my big fish sign for your chair

. I think I played 2 more hands before the first beak, where I sit in 54th Place out of 167, with 30 minutes of late registration to go. Sure enough Sandtrap777 appears at my table having finished his supper and proceeds to out draw my J high Badgui for 500 or so chips ..grrrr

I play more hands and more draws in the second hour then have a big battle with the fish from my first hand

After many ups and downs I finished up in 40th place for a $11 SCOOP ticket and really enjoyed the game.

Look forward to the 8 game tonight, Hope to see you there,

Grade b