February has come and gone.  I’m not really sure how I feel.  I feel that didn’t play a lot of cash game play.  What I did do was play the Feb Freeze outs in the home games club.  So personally I think Feb was better than Jan As far as my goals go.  I am (attempting) hand ranging opponents and letting go some more of my weaker hands (a penny saved is as important as the penny earned.).

So am I smashing the 5NL nope, am I up for the month possibly ($2.10 as I write this).  Now I am up over $28 at normal speed tables but down $27 at the Zoom table.  Hmm….so during March I will try (for the first half at least to stay away from the Zoom tables. 

During March I will also play the WBCOOP as well as the Home game series, which will distract from the cash tables a bit but that is not a bad thing for my game.

I did not attend many trainings in Feb but did watch a few in the archive, the last of which is the bluffing 101 by TheLangoier.  It was a good Video and I hope I haven’t missed the Bluffing 102 class!!

Good luck at the tables

Grade b