....Cos you guys will kick my butt.


So seriously I'm looking here at the schedule and my 10 tickets i have 13 tornies i can play.  Which ones to play well Have to be honest NLHE is my best game so where possible i need to avoid them..


WHAT well the WBCOOP has a set number of tickets as prices which are not linked to the number of entrants so looking for some weak soft and above all short fields is worth while if you have the luxury of picking and choosing. (seriously USA gov get it together  so the schedule is betetr for EST)


so tentativive schedule for me is

event 3 FL badugi

event 6 8 game mix

event 9 PLO H/L

Event 12 Stud H/L

event 18 turbo PLO

event 24 NLHE  h/L

Event 25 NLHE deep

event 26 PLO hi /low

event 28 Horse

event 30 NLHE


So when you knock me out i'd love a GG that will send me away happy at least.


all Joking aside its 10 free (good ) chances to snag some torniment tickets which i intend to make the most of and you should too.


Grade b