Let me take you back 32 blog entries, (yes, yes I really did count them).  It is December in 2011 and I am sitting down to play the 8th and final ticket I had recently won in PSO Member of the week promotion.  The game is PLO not my favorite game by a long stretch, the buy in is $55.  By far my biggest buy in up to that point and still now.  In fact it is over twice as big as the next biggest which would be main event of micro millions which I satellited into. So what makes playing over my head and out of comfort zone the best experience ever.

Well I guess half of the people reading this ie 4 of you will say ...easy biggest win ever...nope I did cash but I have had bigger wins.  It was the support and comments from within PSO that made it special.  Advice before the 8 games, during the 8 games and after the 8 games.

Well that and the fact it was free helped.  I started the game on my laptop why because I had to do the chores now normally I'd have said blow it I'll do them after poker, but this one was time sensitive.  We live in the country and have a well.  The water report came back and i needed to disinfect the well I needed 2 hours while kids away. Saturday morning it is then.  So just imagine if you will snow on the ground me with tools and laptop and disinfectant.  running all over the house to run the taps till you can smell the bleach... all i could smell was bleach.  I most have done it right though as the next report was clear.

The game was fun even though I had some heart stopping moments as I was all in a few times needing to hit a flush to stay alive.  I just look at some of the hands and I might have played them differently today but as I said at the time it was a great learning experience.
Here is a hand I would defiantly play differently

Now if I was playing it I would flat the flop let them bet again on the turn then give them the bad news.

My bust out hand kind of sucked at the time but oh well chips in with the better hand gg sir

Well thank you for reading, if you are really bored and wanted to read more on my adventure with all 8 games you can find them here...

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