For those of you who don't know February saw a miniseries (10 days of MTT's) in the PSO home games club.

I have tried to play as many as I can but the timings mean that of the 30 I will have played 11 real money games and 13 play money games.  With 2 games left for me to play and 10 games left overall I sit in 10th place in the real money games and 2nd in the play money.

I wish I could tell you why I am doing better at play money than real money but I suspect its the fall of the cards.  The series is good because not only do you get to play some good players in a friendly (for the most part) atmosphere but you get to try a range of games not just NLHE.  Now several game types I would like to play were in a time slot I could not play but those are the breaks.

Highlight for me so far would be going out in the first round of the cash Heads up match then going on to win the play money Heads up match.

I recommend that you come out and play these games as well a, they are fun but b, they are genuine learning games, if you don't want to risk real money don't panic the play money games are tough solid games devoid of (most )shove monkeys you see in the Open League and other freerolls.  I have been working on my hand reading and bubble play (which sucks).  One thing I have noticed is how good aggressive play can pay off.

Okay the Omaha High/Low games just started  catch you all later.

Grade b