I have played a few of these now in the last few months and decided to make some notes as I played as a review.

So registered at 6.49 pm and game started at 6.59pm woohoo started on the button so I get to see lots of action before i need do anything.

A quick look around the table no colour coded rings and hud confirms that I have not played a 90 man SnG with any of these players at this stack.

My First Hand is K4o an auto muck,
However it was fun to note seat 4 seat 7 seat 8 and seat 9 seem all weak players .


Seat 7  min raise after a limper then calling a big re-raise, probably has a big hand and does want to scare people away.

Seat 8 very passive called raise then re-raise

Seat 9 not as sure maybe a steal but then why call on the flop, put in over 1/2 their chips and not even a show down to show for it.
right this will be good pick up a decent made hand and I can stack some of these clowns, 2 hands later hello new table!!

3 hands have gone by and we have lost 8 players already, it would appear the PSO'ers that say these are super soft were not kidding.

Hand 10 and a rare thing for me I have a playable hand in the first level.

the flop was worrying but the turn looked golden.

only played 2 hands after that untill the 3rd level, a quick look in the lobby shows that only 37 players are left.
After an hour of play I am sitting in 10th place out of 26 I'm lucky to still be around after this hand but grateful that I am.

Second hour I play more hands AJo 44 88 and 66 in fact the 66 hand takes us to hand for hand.
right after the bubble breaks I pick up JJ great because i expect people to play far looser now

I guess that makes up for the AK hand.
Given how fast we got to the bubble its a grind to get to the final table, but I do in 6th out of 9 only to find 2 players are sitting out both with bigger stacks than mine...
again its a sticky back and forth battle but I finally sucome when I well..

BB and hit the flop with 13 big blind behind in it goes and he has a better hand ah well gg.
I found the exercise of making notes as i played to be useful not that i'll do that every time but i will certainly do it again.

Grade b