So the first week of Feb has been an interesting one.  I have basically been really busy with other things so I didn’t play mega hours, which does suit my play anyway.

2903 hands of poker for a positive win of $14.89.  I felt I played very well for the first 5 days but not as well in the final two days.  I was distracted and doing more multi-tasking in the last two days plus I was tempted to play some open league and actually play some hands (opps very tilting) I also played some of the 25 cent SnG’s that I said I would play.  Again some of the bad play in that I found to be very tilting.

So sng’s I have only played 12 this month 2 45 man’s and 10 90 man’s.  Only cashed in 2, a min cash and the last one last night a fourth place finish.  This puts me -$0.54 for the 12 games.  I will then continue with these as my side game to the cash 5nl games.

One interesting thing I will need to look at is I have 2 bubble finishes plus a 14th and a 16th now in 12 games that’s a great indication that my bubble play sucks big time.

On track for my goals as long as I can avoid some of the tilt.

Grade b