I ran the leak tracker today.  Small sample size as only ran for this year 16,254 hands overall, Full ring NLHE

my leaks are as follows,


Won money at showdown % 49.67 need improvement .

Reasons bluffing too much or not reading the table well enough.  For me I'm going with not reading the table / Opponent well enough so lay downs In my future I see!!!

in BB
Won showdown % after river call  20%. potential problem. 

Hand reading is a problem

In early position
Won showdown % after river call  20%. potential problem. I see a tread here.

Middle position
Won money at showdown % 42.25 need improvement

Turn C-bet 80% needs improvement -

humm  hand reading again

So of the 5 leaks only 2 are problems the other 3 are only just outside the expected range.

The hand reading issue is one I have reconised my self and am working to improve.  Hadn't really thought about the C-bet turn % so will be paying carefully attention to that ths month.

Grade b