So how is it going?  Well..
By the end of 2013 I would like to be a more knowledgeable NLHE player........Yes I think I am I know its only been 26 days but I really think I have learnt something, that is at these low limits play solid poker and Observe Observe Observe.

(be) able to regularly beat the micro stakes level.  With 26 days under my belt I don't think I can give this a check mark just yet yes I'm up but that's not consistent just yet.

My goal is to be comfortably playing 2 levels higher than where I start from on Jan 1st (starting at the 5 cent level do like to be playing and beating the 16 cent level by 31st Dec) Same as the last one I feel good and that I am on track to be able to do this.

I will do this by reading poker books, Reading Harrington on cash games and Super system 2 (one is paper and one is on my playbook)

Attending live trainings, Yes doing so and learning a lot.

and making use of the video archive at PSO.  Have been doing this reviewing some videos i have previously viewed and some new ones.

So how do I feel?  Really, Really good, After a disastrous first week, I slowed down the pace and actually started to play poker rather than play cards.  Up till now I have been a player who plays the 2 cards he is dealt, rather than maybe play the situation. 

Example..AKs I raise pre and get a caller, flop a K45 rainbow for TPTK and villain bets into me. Well I have best pair so I'll re-raise, and get stacked by the guy with 4 5s who hit 2 pair on the flop.  Now I realize I need to say right strong  one pair hand nice but what would that player be betting here.

This is defiantly the part of my game I will be working on in February, not going hammer for tongs with weak hands, and recognizing when my strong  starting hand is now a weak hand.

"Strong hands play big pots and weak hands play small pots."(Dan Harrington).

I have also managed finally to get into 6 max poker, again a very weak part of my game at the moment and one I need to recognize needs my full attention so 2 tables not 4 and not when the hockey is on.(yes a direct experience from last night having dropped 2 buy-ins in around 3 minutes.(and the attack lost the game to!!))

I am managing to open up my ranges and do some stealing from the right opponents, as well as playing some more speculative hands with 100 BB.


I'd like to end with a brag if I may...and it's my blog so I'm going to.

In the last week I have played 3451 hands of NLHE and in profit by $45.80 which may be modest by most people's standards  but for me is outstanding that's 28.73 BB/100.

Now compare that with week one, 7024 hands and a loss of $48.53 (-15.17 BB/100).

So yep happy that I'm learning and determined to continue in the same vane, yes I expect to hit pitfalls to have my Aces cracked and my share of suck outs but that will not stop me playing solid good hands and observing the table, after all I can see what that is doing for me so why change it.

Grade  b