a short post this time...


That was one lazy week.  In the last 5 days I played 2632 hands of 5nl.  I did lose $4.14 cents but have to say made a few really bad plays that account for that.  On the whole I .....


a. Enjoyed my poker
b. Think I played well (most of the times)
c. learnt something (please see previous post)

I also played some Premier league games (umm not very well it has to be said) and some home games which made for a nice change. 
So my plan for the rest of the week is continue the 5nl, Drop the 45 mans for a week, maybe try a few stt's, and most important play solid and not stress over getting ahead.  I will play a few more Prem games and see if I can't keep my seat for next month.

So looking forward to a solid week of good reads and getting those chips in good.


Grade b