Its taken a while for me to accept this but this week has driven it home.  Its fun to get 2000 hands a day and i can do it and can make a profit but its not my game its not fun and long turn it skilling my game.  For the first time in Well as long as I remember at least a year I deliberately took a day off from playing, at the time it made me nervous as i recently invested part of my refund from the uk government (8 years to work out that i had worked in 2005 and had been paying off my student loan but I guess that a story for another blog) I put it on to Fulltilt due to their offer of 100% bonus what i hadn't read was i get only 15 days to release it and so had been grinding there.  I decided to stop that madness having released $10 and relax and enjoy my poker.

It has been a blessing in the last 6 days I have played 1769 hands of ring poker and alought I'm in the red by $2.91 I feel good about my game, I feel I'm enjoying the game and that I'm reading tables.  Yes my more light hearted approach has meant maybe playing some of those hands distracted (as I type this I will admit to listening to the attack game, and yes when i finish this entry I will fire up 2 tables.

Do I say DON'T GRIND, no that's not it I say find you game we here in PSO are not racing each other, we are playing our game and learning from each other.
The idea behind this Time Vault is to lay down your own Goals and work on them.

So on to next week continue with the 5NL cash but I may switch out of the 45 mans to go to 360 10 cent games and a couple of STT's, not sure will think on it.

Grade b